Follinique surgery, weight loss, high fever, etc. Up to Follinique of the hair enters prematurely in the rest phase, then fall. Once the stress has passed, the hair follicles return to the active phase. This may take a few months Follinique Congenital Follinique . Very rare, it can be due in particular to the absence of hair roots or to an anomaly of the stem of the hair. Mutations on the P RY Follinique gene would be responsible for one of these hereditary forms called hypotrichosis simplex, which begins in childhood in

Follinique reminds us of the important loss of hairs that the fox undergoes each year, in the beginning of spring Some people choose to undertake treatments in order to stimulate regrowth or limit the fall. Since hair is culturally associated with seductive power , health and vitality , the treatment of Follinique is of great interest. However, it should be noted that the result is not always satisfactory. Hair transplant can then be the last resort. Types of Follinique Here are the main forms of Follinique and their causes. Even .

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